Working at Heights

For the Construction Industry

Working at Heights


Working At Heights must be taken by workers who use fall protection equipment on Construction Projects. This is a requirement from the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL).

This training requirement is part of the O. Reg. 297/13: Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training requirements, along with many other requirements for those working on Construction Projects. Failing to provide workers with Chief Prevention Officer approved Working At Heights training from a Chief Prevention Officer approved trainer can result in fines and other legal action.

 A Chief Prevention Officer approved Working At Heights training course is not required for anyone else working at heights. It is only a requirement for those working on Construction Projects. However, some employers or workers may choose to enroll in a Working At Heights course if they feel it is beneficial to their work and safety. 

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For Non-Construction Industries

Fall Protection


Fall Protection training, is another form of working from heights training.

Fall Protection training, however, is NOT a replacement for Ontario Chief Prevention Officer approved Working At Heights training. Workers who must receive Working At Heights training due to MOL requirements cannot take fall protection training instead.

Fall Protection training is more general than Working At Heights training, as Working At Heights  training is generally tailored to the construction industry.  Fall Protection training can be modified to meet the specific needs of different industries.

Our Fall Protection is geared towards those working in Industrial Establishments, Mining Operations, Health Care and Residential Facilities sectors and other workplaces that are not Construction Projects.

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