Surface Miner Common Core Program (770210)

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Program Description

The Surface Miner Common Core is designed to meet the legislated requirements of the first three modules of the Surface Miner Training Program. 

Who Should Attend

The Surface Miner Program, #770210 is intended for all production employees working full and part-time, in a Surface Mining operation. These employees must be trained and accredited in the Surface Miner Common Core and in the Specialty modules which pertain to their area of work.

Production employees excludes clerical and administrative persons not involved in production activities. 

A production employee is any employee doing physical labour, and/or operating machinery, involved in the extraction and processing of materials from a surface mine and/or associated mining plant, including land clearing, drilling, blasting, internal haulage, crushing, screening, conveying, stockpiling and maintenance.

Program Overview

This 1 day training program covers the 3 mandatory common core modules required for anyone wanting to work in a surface mine environment. 

The modules include:

· Work Safely in the Job Environment (U5030)

· Perform General Lockout and Tag on Prime Movers and Other Related Equipment (U5031)

· Operate Hand and Power Tools (U5032).

An in-depth analysis and discussion of these modules will be conducted, and a certificate will be awarded to successful participants upon completion of the program. 

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Surface Miner Specialty Modules

Hidden Potential Consulting also offers many of the Surface Miner Specialty Modules including:

  • U5035 Operate Skid Steer
  • U5033 Operate Elevating Work Platform (Scissor Lift)
  • U5039 Operate Front End Loader
  • U5044 Operate Forklift
  • Plus other

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