Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

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Program Description

 The purpose of this training is to promote the safe use, inspection and operation of aerial platforms or elevating work platforms and in the control of the hazards associated with the use of such equipment. 

Elevating Work platforms covers Scissor Lifts (SkyJack, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), Aerial Lifts (Genie booms, Telescopic booms) .

Program Overview


This comprehensive program is designed in two parts to provide theoretical and practical training to facilitate compliance for workers using this type of equipment.

A few of the area covered by the theoretical training are:  

  • Current applicable legislation
  • Vehicle stability
  • Causes of accidents and injury
  • Stabilizer systems
  • Operator responsibility
  • On-slab versus rough terrain
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Powerline clearances
  • Capacity plates
  • Control systems
  • Pre-shift inspection and reporting procedures
  • Work site inspection
  • Hazard awareness

It meets the requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Construction and Industrial Regulations and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards for non-self-propelled and self-propelled elevating work platforms. Equipment covered within the program are commonly referred to as scissor lift, skyjack, genie, zoom-boom and more.

Certification is valid for 3 years upon completion.


  • Theoretical Training
  •  Practical operating evaluation 
  • Record of training report
  • Individual wallet certificates for successful participants 


Program duration varies depending on the number of participants and level of experience. 

However, allot a half day for the training as a minimum. Training takes place at your location. 


 Fall Arrest: non-construction or  Working at Heights